BIG GETS - Mijumaru/Oshawott Larger Than Life Pokemon Center Plush
mijumaru giant 1
Something arrived outside my door. Wow that is one BIG box from amazon.
mijumaru giant 2
Hmm, I wonder what's inside?
mijumaru giant 3
Mijumaru! The second mijumaru/oshawott plush in my collection so far.
mijumaru giant 4
This Mijumaru is gigantic! Now for my mini review. It is extremely well made. The stuffing is very full and elastic which should help prevent shape deformation from hugging or squeezing. If you sit on it (which I would never do), it would feel like sitting on a brand new hard-stuffed sofa. His arms are made very strong so that you can lift him up from under his arms with the weight balanced there (like holding a baby). He doesn't stand very well on its on especially on uneven surfaces. In this picture I had to stand another plush behind him to hold his upright position.
mijumaru giant 5
A little scale comparison. His smile always puts a smile on my face.
mijumaru giant 6
Here is the official pokemon center tag with mijumaru on it. The material for the tail is the most disappointing part of the plush (but really, it's not that big of a deal). It seems like the stuffing from the area that connects the tail and the body would move away completely once you flap it around enough times. It is also easily bendable in all sorts of ways that may make it more prone to deformation. The material reminds me of a sort of bendable foam.
mijumaru giant 7
And that is it! The Mijumaru/Oshawott Larger Than Life Pokemon Center Plush.

Thanks for reading!

Figures from Jakks Pacific
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Hi everyone. I started collecting pokemon plushies after seeing a well made (later found to be a bootie) bulbasaur plush at my local mall that I just could not put down. Later I found out that these plushies were not official products so I looked for a community where I can find more information about legit products. That is how I stumbled across pkmncollectors LJ. My collection now consists of Black and white Jakks figures, old first generation PVC 2" figures, and random plushies (all larger than 6") bought from ebay. Pictures to come soon!


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